Bonnie Wallace brings years of dance training and her own style and approach to Power Source Dance.

This is not your typical class!

Power Source Dance is unique for many reasons.  First, Bonnie offers two classes in one.  Some stay for just the first hour, which is a non-stop energetic and uplifting workout, that infuses strength, balance and breath into the body.

After the first hour, some stay for choreography, where we spend 30 minutes working on a routine.  Many videos and photos from these dances are on my blog.

Power Source Dance blends contemporary dance technique, with yoga, calisthenics and cardio to provide you with a full, inspiring and challenging workout.  It's not your average class!  Additionally, we use music from around the world.  Expose yourself to sounds, movements and feelings you will not find anywhere else.  Experience Power Source Dance!

Get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kicks in Black and White at Power Source Dance