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 Bold moves.

Open body.

New music.

Novel choreography.

Inspiring style.

Excellence in movement.


Bonnie Wallace is the teacher and founder of Power Source Dance.    

Power Source Dance is a holistic and invigorating class that blends blends contemporary dance technique, yoga stretches, cardio movements, calisthenic strengthening and inspired choreography to eclectic and popular music.  And then she takes it to another place. Her writing and dancing workshops incorporate poetry and spoken word into the choreography. Using simple writing exercises, students create poems and blend them into the choreography.  Using dance, music and spoken word, more emotion is brought into the movement, and students broaden their creative expression.

Her weekly classes are two in one!

You can experience the first hour of stretching, reaching, breathing, moving and dancing, and get a complete and satisfying workout.  After, you can stay for an additional half hour of inspired and interesting choreography.

Wednesdays, 9 AM at Live Arts LA, 4210 Panamint Street, Los Angeles, CA

Fridays, 9 AM at theAthletic Garage Dance Center.  121 Waverly Dr., Pasadena, CA

Expose yourself to sounds, movements and feelings you will not find anywhere else.  Experience Power Source Dance!

Bonnie has been teaching dance in Pasadena and Los Angeles for 10 years, and creates uplifting and energetic classes, that infuse strength, balance and breath into the body, while enriching the mind and soul.


Many videos and photos from these dances are on my

photo blog:  www.power-dance.net

instagram:  #powersourcedance

Facebook: www.facebook.com/powerdancerocks


Get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kicks in Black and White at Power Source Dance