Benefits of Getting Creative

Benefits of Getting Creative

In my last post I talked about some myths of creativity; what it is and what it isn’t.  The important thing to remember and know, is that being creative is not a talent that only a few have.  Being creative is about trusting yourself and making connections.  In the right environment, we can all do that. 

Not only can we do that, we should do that.  Why?  Because there are many benefits to being creative.  Some argue that being creative is the most important skill one can develop.   Einstein himself said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will ever be to know and understand.”

Imagination and creativity allows you to see into the future and create a new worlds.  We are stagnant and stuck without it.  Creativity is good for our environment and humanity, as being creative can help solve complicated and important issues.  And, to top it all off, being creative is good for our health.   

Here are just three surprising benefits of being creative, but there are more!

Creativity can help you live longer.  

Research shows that being creative exercises much of your brain’s networks and keeping a healthy brain makes for a longer life.  Being creative also reduces stress, which most likely plays a role in extending your life expectancy.

The magazine Scientific American, published a study that sought to determine whether specific aspects of openness, like creativity, social behavior, risk taking, better predicted mortality survival rates.  Using data on more than 1,000 older men collected between 1990 and 2008, the researchers found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased mortality risk. One possible reason creativity is protective of health is because it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain, says study author Nicholas Turiano, now at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “Individuals high in creativity maintain the integrity of their neural networks even into old age,” Turiano says —a notion supported by a January study from Yale University that correlated openness with the robustness of study subjects’ white matter, which supports connections between neurons in different parts of the brain.  Being creative will keep you young and healthy!


Creativity helps save money.

By creating more and consuming less, we can save our money.  Often by appreciating the little things and feeling more fulfilled by doing creative activities, we lose our urge to buy more stuff and feel more content with what we have.  Many times we buy to fulfill an emptiness, or simply because we’re bored and need that rush of having a new thing, only to be bored with it soon enough, so we go out and shop again, and the cycle continues.  Instead of shopping and buying, do something creative, you’ll feel better and you’ll save money!  Additionally, if you trust that you can make or fix things, you can be more resourceful and make or fix what you need, rather than replacing it with a new one.


Creativity can make you more productive.  

Creativity leads to innovation and innovation leads to doing things better, faster, cheaper.  Creativity helps solve problems and solving problems is important!  Being creative keeps your mind open and active, allowing you to take in information and make sense of it.  There is overlap between creative thinking and critical thinking, so by being creative you also enhance your ability to think critically, and that can allow you to make better decisions.  By being more open to ideas, making connections, and taking creative action, you produce more ideas and generate more solutions.  And, this builds more confidence and trust in yourself.


These are practical ways that being creative is beneficial.  Of course, being creative is good fun and can improve our mood and therefore is beneficial for our mental health.  Being creative has also been shown to help people feel better about their own failures and show more resilience.  This is likely due to the ability to see outside the box and make better connections.  

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