Bold moves.
Open body.
New music.
Novel choreography.
Inspiring style.
Excellence in movement.

I am Bonnie Wallace, teacher, dancer and founder of Bonnie Wallace Dance.

Dance has been a major part of my life.  Starting in kindergarten at the community club house where my mom and I lived, it was apparent,  I was hooked.  I danced all through middle school, high school, then into college, after college, through two pregnancies, breastfeeding, and homeschooling my kids.  After a half a century, I haven’t missed a season of dance.  It’s clearly in my DNA.

I began teaching a one hour class, one day a week.  My students wanted more, so I turned the one hour class into a one and a half hour class.  My students still wanted more, so I started teaching two one and half hour classes weekly, and then three.  Some of my students have been with me for over a decade.  They stay because they get results and get better.  They love the music, my style, and the continual challenge.

My approach is holistic and invigorating.  I have taught all levels and ages, and incorporate many disciplines into my practice.  I create movements that benefit the whole body, building strength and grace.  Proper technique and form are the tools, while music and emotions are the materials, expressing themselves through choreography.  My dance style is contemporary but varied, elegant but interesting, fluid but unpredictable, varied but natural.   

What keeps you from dancing?  Did you dance in high school but life got in the way? Maybe you never thought of yourself as a dancer?   Have you not been able to find a class that suits your style, so you stick to walking or yoga?  

Don’t get me wrong.   I like yoga and incorporate many poses in my class, but I don’t want to do an hour of it.  I also like ballet, and the technique is necessary, but again, I don’t want an hour of it.  Same with cardio and muscle strengthening.  I am a buffet kind of person.   I like variety and a little bit of everything suits me.   Repetitive movements and holding poses for too long not only bores me, but also hurts.  So, I keep things flowing, and if you find something difficult, don’t worry, because it will pass soon enough.  

If you’re stiff and need to move, if you’re bored of your workout, if you want something more than just exercise, something that includes beauty and grace, try one of my classes.  And for those that know how to tap into the magic of dance and movement, you will find your place here.

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