Bold moves.
Open body.
New music.
Novel choreography.
Inspiring style.
Excellence in movement.

I am Bonnie Wallace, a transformational coach that takes people from stagnation to stimulation through dance, and other modalities that fit your style.

As a dance teacher, my approach is holistic and invigorating.  I incorporate many disciplines into my practice.  My movements benefit the whole body, building strength and grace. 

My students are women who have danced in the past and want to continue the practice in a safe space.  Many current dance classes in the market are geared toward a younger generation where the movements are athletic and include a lot of gyrating and fast-pasted steps.   Midlife women do not resonate with these jazz classes and are grateful to have found my class, where we can dance in fun and beautiful ways, in a more mature setting.

What keeps you from dancing?  Did you dance in school but life got in the way? Maybe you never thought of yourself as a dancer?   Have you not been able to find a class that suits your style?  

If you’re feeling stuck and need to move, if you’re bored of your workout, if you want something more than just exercise, something that includes beauty and grace, try one of my beginner classes. 

If you know you are dancer, have had the training, and are ready to try a new dance, you will also find your place here, especially with my experienced class.   

Bonnie Wallace Dance is a place to start and place to continue.  

Register for a free class, and experience transformational power of Bonnie Wallace Dance.

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