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Dancing and being creative are the two best things you can do for health and fitness. Studies show that dancing is the best exercise to keep you physically fit because it uses all the muscles and incorporates music, rhythms, and memorization of steps and sequences. It’s also a lot of fun! There are many benefits of dance, and you can read my favorite five in my Journal.

Being creative is also hugely beneficial for our mental and spiritual wellness. Taking time to be creative is one of the best things you can do for your mind and to help you relax. Spending just a few minutes on mindful creating is a good way to tap into your creative genie, and transform life.

If you want to train your body using jazz and ballet technique with a creative spirit, let’s work together.

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Private TrainingPrivate Lessons

Dance Training Starter Package

One Month.
One-on-one private training
Live virtual sessions. 

Weekly sessions.
You set the time and duration
15 minutes to 45 minute sessions
Your timing
Your pace
Your schedule
My technique

In your private sessions:

  • We will work on exercises that focus on your specific needs and level.
  • You will learn the foundational movements of jazz and ballet technique.
  • You will learn yoga stretches and muscle strengthening exercises.
  • You will learn the language of dance.
  • We will work all parts of the body at your current pace and level.
  • We will work on choreography and creating movements.

My students notice a difference. They are more flexible, stronger, have greater balance and breath in their bodies. They move with grace and have more confidence.

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What people say about working with Bonnie:

" Bonnie has a wonderful way of sharing her knowledge and love of creating with others while taking them on a personal journey of self expression. I came away energized and recharged." -- Barb F.

"I enjoyed creativity class with Bonnie! The atmosphere was safe and encouraging, so I was able to explore my creativity and even share its results with other participants. Also, I liked working with others on creating something together as a group. After participation, I felt motivated to express myself more and in different ways. Thank you, Bonnie!" -- Elena M.

"I never thought I was a creative person, but I proved to myself I can do it with your class." - Vinnie H.

"Since my first session with Bonnie, I've felt like a whole new person, one that is healed, feeling in myself a sense of vibrancy and elasticity that I had never felt before." - Namita


Dancing in the studio, 2016

Getting Creative for Transformation

Getting Creative: Connect to Your Inner Genius for Transformation

Studies have shown that being creative and expressing yourself is one of the best things you can do for your mental and emotional health.

Are you taking time to tap into your creative genius and see what's there?

Are you ready to reach a little further, stretch a little deeper, and move with more grace and ease?

Come with me.


Dancing is art in motion.  


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Private Dance Party

Host your own online Power Source Dance Party for a minimum of 10 friends or business associates who have the ability to connect via Zoom link. This one-hour Dance Party will be the same as our Beginner Class, beginning with appropriate stretching and ending in a fun dance routine.

Fee:  $50 for a minimum of 10. The price for parties involving more than 10 will be $5 per person, with the host/hostess included free of charge.

Social option:  Your one-hour Dance Party could be followed by a 30-minute social period during which time you and your friends could socialize via Zoom while enjoying the beverage of your choice!

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