Bonnie Wallace Dance is unlike any other dance class.  We know you may have questions and we are eager to get those answered.

  • How much dance experience is required for Bonnie Wallace Dance?

Some experience is helpful as is some flexibility. We encourage less-experienced students to start in the Beginner Class.  Even experienced dancers who may be feeling a bit rusty might start in the Beginner Class and go from there.  We encourage all students to move at their own pace.  If you miss a step here or there, that’s fine, just keep moving! You can always transition from Beginner to Experienced when you’re ready.

  • What kind of dance is it?

Bonnie Wallace Dance is a blend of modern, contemporary, and jazz dance.   The technique is grounded in master modern dancers like Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, and Paul Taylor.   More contemporary movement is weaved in, and it falls under the jazz dance umbrella.   No matter what you want to call it, it builds strength, stamina, grace, and flexibility - all the traits a dancer needs.

  • Do you incorporate moves that require extreme athleticism?

No. There is no jumping up and landing on the floor, rolling around and jumping up again, which you may see in other more strenuous dancing. We do get on the floor at the beginning of each class to stretch and warm up our muscles.  

  • Would I be expected to learn a whole dance routine in one class?

No. The Beginner Class is one hour, including a short dance routine – just a few minutes in length. We learn just a few steps at a time, add to it and practice for several consecutive classes. The Experienced and Prime classes are one-hour each, followed by an optional 30-minute session to learn a choreographed dance routine that is practiced over several classes.

  • Are there benefits to a dance workout besides the obvious physical exercise?

Yes!  Dancing creates elevated feelings of joy, freeing your mind and your spirit, combatting stress, depression and anxiety, calming the nervous system.  And, memorizing even a simple dance routine is excellent exercise for your brain. 

  • What do I need in terms of space or anything else to participate from home?

All you need is a minimum of space that is 6 feet by 6 feet, comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily and comfortably, and an access to a Zoom link, which will send to you. You might like to have a yoga mat or pad to use on the floor when we do some of our stretching. We also recommend having some water handy to stay hydrated and making any necessary arrangements to avoid disruption by pets, kids or other adults!

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