Grow Your Creative Confidence for Satisfaction and Achievement

Do you want to be more productive and feel more inspired?

Are you adding the creative juices to your projects and life?

Taking time to be creative is one of the best things you can do for your mental and emotional health.   You'll have more eureka moments and you feel more confident in your decision making.  Simple exercises focus the creative spirit into your projects and life.

After years of working with active women on strengthening their physical muscles through dance, I am now offering women and men the opportunity to build their creative muscle through activities and writing.

My exercises are designed for you to dig deeper into your creative spirit, to stretch your imagination and use techniques to bring clarity.  You will discover that you can be creative with simple activities that lead to profound understanding.

Private Lessons

Creative Coaching

Weekly Getting Creative Classes.

One-on-one, live virtual sessions.  

Group Creative Mastermind 

  • You will work on exercises that focus on your specific needs.
  • Assignments will be provided.
  • Multiple modalities will be used depending on your needs, including writing, movement, visualization, and artwork.

Creative Coaching Starter Package:  $75

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What people say:

" Bonnie has a wonderful way of sharing her knowledge and love of creating with others while taking them on a personal journey of self expression. I came away energized and recharged." -- Barb F.

"I enjoyed creativity class with Bonnie! The atmosphere was safe and encouraging, so I was able to explore my creativity and even share its results with other participants. Also, I liked working with others on creating something together as a group. After participation, I felt motivated to express myself more and in different ways. Thank you, Bonnie!" -- Elena M.

"I never thought I was a creative person, but I proved to myself I can do it with your class." - Vinnie H.

"Since my first session with Bonnie, I've felt like a whole new person, one that is healed, feeling in myself a sense of vibrancy and elasticity that I had never felt before." - Namita

Ready to find out more?

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Getting Creative Starter Pack

Try a few fun creative exercises to clear your mind and connect to your inner wisdom.  Finding a few minutes to be creative and mindful is one of the best things we can do for our mental and emotional health.

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    Private Lessons

    Dance Training Starter Package

    Three weeks. 

    Three one-on-one, live virtual sessions. 

    45 minutes each.

    • We will work on exercises that focus on your specific needs and level.
    • You will learn the foundational movements of jazz and ballet technique.
    • You will learn yoga stretches and muscle strengthening exercises.
    • You will learn the language of dance.
    • We will work all parts of the body at your current pace and level.

    Dance Training Starter Package:  $75 for three session.


    For more information email or call today.

    Ready to find out more?

    Call 626-644-4845 or email today.