The Spring Equinox 2021


Saturday, March 20 is the Spring Equinox

Saturday, March 20th starts a new season, Spring!  Astronomically, it is the day the sun will cross over the equator to the North, marking the Vernal Equinox and first day of Spring. 

The beginning part of Spring is a time of balance and equilibrium, when the amount of daylight and darkness are in equal proportions and the bitter cold thaws, but we are not yet into the hot days of summer.   Do you feel a little more stable and balanced?  Have you settled into the new year?

For millennium, civilizations have associated this time of year with rebirth and new beginnings, and for good reason.  Trees that looked dormant or even dead start to sprout new buds, flowers start to bloom, there is a vibrancy and energy in the air, animals stir, and light stretches further into the evening.  The cycle of life starts again bringing new opportunities and experiences.

This is a time for you to plant new ideas and intentions for the upcoming year.  You may not feel ready for these new experiences, but the dreamy winter months are behind us, and it is the right time to start visualizing some of your wildest dreams and intentions, and begin moving to make them manifest.

Remember, what you plant now will harvest later in the year, do not expect overnight success.   But, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, what is important to you, and what you want to have in the months to come.  Focusing on these new ideas now and taking steps to manifest them, will lead to an abundant harvest in the fall.

Here are a few things you can do to help appreciate and use the power of Spring to get your mind and body going.

1.  Go on a nature walk and find as many colors as you can.  Look at nature and try to find at least 10 different colors.  If nature still hasn’t blossomed yet for you, you can use houses and cars.  The important thing is to notice and appreciate the variety of colors that surround us.

2.  Draw some seeds on paper and label them.  The labels should indicate your goals and desires.  Your seeds can be all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Use your goals to indicate the shape and size of the seeds, and draw several of them, as you normally buy seeds in packets of 20 or more, not just one.   You can even draw your packet and what your seeds need to thrive. 

3.  Do some Spring Cleaning, big or small.  Decide to clean out something: a closet, a drawer, the fridge, or even the garage or attic, and then go crazy.  First take a picture of what the space currently looks like.  Then, throw as much as you can out, or give it away.  For many of us it’s difficult to part with our stuff, you never know when you’ll need it.  But if you haven’t used the thing in a year, or more, it’s likely time to let it go.  Take this time to make a difference and a big dent in the area you’re cleaning.  Then when you’re done, take a picture of the space cleaned out.  You did it!  How does it feel?  

I hope this time of new beginnings is good for you and that you’ll use the power of Spring to make for an abundant fall.

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