What Speaks to You?


Take a few minutes right now to look at these images.

Which one speaks to you?

When you have an image in mind, write down all the aspects and characteristics of that image/object.  For instance, if I chose the sun, I would say the sun is bright, it gives warmth, it is the center of our solar system, and it provides energy.  Continue to brainstorm and write as much as you can about your chosen image.

Once done, think about how those characteristics relate to you.  It could be positive or negative, but it is all OK.  For instance, do you project warmth and light?  That is positive.  Do you need to feel more like you are the center of people’s lives, or that you are being too selfish right now?  This would feel a little negative, but could be enlightening.  Do you have energy and provide power for yourself and others?  In what ways do the characteristics of your chosen image reflect your life right now?

Spend some time thinking about this and writing down your ideas.

Another way to use this, is if you have an issue you are struggling with, you can ask how this image and its characteristics might help you find an answer.  What do you need to do next in your life?  As the sun, rises each day and sets each evening, is there guidance in that?  Maybe you need more structure, or making specific times to do specific things?  Maybe given the season you are in, if the sun is at its apex it is the time to move out on something new, but if the sun is low in the sky, perhaps waiting and taking some time to think about what you should do is more appropriate.

The answers you seek are in you, but getting to them is the tricky part.  Tools and tips like this can help release your inner Genie.   Spend some time with it and trust yourself.

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